Do you have too many bank accounts or too many properties to deal with? Do you constantly have to transfer from one bank account to another to deal with property issues? Can you figure out how much profit your rentals or flips are making in real-time? Are you over-leveraged? Maybe under-leveraged? Are you ready for the following significant CapEx expenditures you have coming up (whether planned for not)?

Based on your answers, you might realize that you need a virtual CFO to help. A CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, knows a lot about business in general and finance and accounting in particular. A CFO specializing in real estate knows how to apply their financial and accounting knowledge to real estate, allowing the financial information to guide better decisions.

A good CFO can provide vital services like strategic planning and controller services. They can help design the proper accounting system, set up the accounting software, and offer cash flow management. They provide other essential services: financial planning and strategy, processes management, developing key performance indicators, cash flow forecasts, and managing budgets.

These services might be overkill for a real estate investor who only has a couple of properties. However, as real estate businesses scale, it becomes more important to make sure someone on your team is well-versed in these services.