Add a CPA to Your Real Estate Team

You’ve come to the right place if you need to add a CPA to your real estate team. After a quick call with Zev, you’ll receive a customized recommendation to a CPA or tax attorney based on your specific situation.

Zev can make a good recommendation because he is a CPA, real estate agent, and a real estate investor. He knows when other CPAs have the proper knowledge for your specific situation.

You can schedule a short consultation with Zev at the link below. In the consultation, Zev will answer general real estate related accounting and tax questions you might have and then make a referral based on your specific tax situation.

What You’ll Get:

☑️Discuss your current tax situation with a CPA.

☑️Receive answers to your general questions about your real estate accounting and tax situation.

☑️Receive general advice from a seasoned CPA who is also a real estate agent and investor.

☑️Get a summary of the meeting, customized referral to a CPA or tax attorney to add to your team.

☑️Even if you decide not to use the CPA or tax attorney that is referred to you, you’ll have the summary from the meeting that you can use to get quotes from other CPAs.



Want to Skip the Consultation?

Do you want to skip the consultation and just get a list of real estate-focused CPAs and Tax Attorneys? Please click here and receive a list of CPAs and tax attorneys specializing in real estate. These tax professionals are not on BiggerPockets and, therefore, they are more affordable. The cost is $20, and you’ll receive a link to fill out a Google Form to give us more details on your situation, and then you’ll receive a list of CPAs and tax attorneys that are appropriate for your situation, which you can contact on your own.